Scientific Program

Scientific Program

Translational Immunogenetics

The Scientific Program will cover the following topics:

1. Organ and stem-cell transplantation
2. Autoimmunity
3. Tolerance
4. Biomarkers
5. Immunology of liver transplantation
6. Humoral rejection
7. Antibody monitoring (HLA/non-HLA)
8. Epitope matching
9. Big data
10. Personalized medicine
11. Immunology of pregnancy
12. Cell therapy and tissue engineering
13. Next generation sequencing
14. Evolution, genetics and regulation of HLA
15. HLA Population Genetics
16. HLA and diseases
17. Stem cell biology
18. Preparative and therapeutic apheresis
19. Modern immunosuppression

Pro-Con Debates

Teaching Sessions

Meet the Expert Sessions covering “All you ever wanted to know (but were afraid to ask)”

Luncheon Sessions and Satellite Meetings allowing companies to present their most recent developments

The DGI program with the DGI General Assembly and MTA Workshops