In our conference schedule a few things have changed. You will find the modifications marked in bold

17:30 Opening Ceremony with the „Sound of Mannheim“
18:00 Julia Bodmer Award
K. Fleischhauer (Essen, DE)
Prize winner:  Dr. James Lee, University of Cambridge, UK,
„The genetics of prognosis in Crohn’s disease“

10:30 Abstract Session 1 – Immunotherapy, Gene Therapy & Cellular Therapy
Chair: F. Garrido (Granada, ES); R. Blasczyk (Hannover, DE)

16:30 Teaching Session 2 – Biomarkers for GvHD
17:00 Biomarkers of death from acute GVHD
T. Luft (Heidelberg, DE)

10:30  EFI/DGI Meeting – Teaching Session I, Room A. Schönberg
Role of non-classical HLA in Stem Cell Transplantation
10:30 Non Classical HLA-Molecules – J. Mytilineos, Ulm
10:40 HLA-E in stem cell transplantation – C. Tsamadou, Ulm, DE
11:05 HLA-G in stem cell transplantation – V. Rebmann, Essen, DE
11:25   MICA in stem cell transplantation I – R. Carapito, Strassbourg, FR
11:45   MICA in stem cell transplantation II – J. Mytilineos, Ulm, DE
11:55   General Discussion and Closure

Plenary Session 4 – Autoimmunity
Room: Musensaal
Topic: Autoimmunity
Chair: S. Gregori (Milan, IT); R. Bontrop (Rijswijk, NL)
Form of presentation: Plenary Session
Duration: 90 Minutes

14:30 Celiac disease
I. Sollid (Nydalen NO-0424 Oslo, NO)

15:00 Pathogenic CD4 T cells in diabetes
K. Haskins (Denver, US)

15:30 Biomarkers for graft-versus-host disease
A. Dickenson (Newcastle upon Tyne , UK)


13:45 Closing Ceremony
Chair: E. Naumova (Sofia, BG); C. Süsal (Heidelberg, DE)
Jon van Rood Award and Best Abstract Awards
Committee Chair: D. Charron (Paris, FR)
Best Poster Awards
Committee Chair: M. Müller-Steinhardt (Mannheim, DE)

17th International HLA and Immunogenetics Workshop (IHIWS) Update
M. Fernandez-Viña (Palo Alto, US)

EFI 2018 Venice
V. Miotti (Udine, IT)